CFO and Procurement

A Unique Offering

Bravoo blends classic travel agency services, up to date travel technology, and global travel market expertise to deliver solutions and cost-savings to companies around the world. From planning the trip, to hotel check-in or changes, to making a flight or rebooking on another, we are with you every step of the way.

Business Travel Savings

Bravoo clients save business travel costs immediately by reducing the number and cost of agent-assisted bookings, and by giving travelers access to our extensive inventory of travel options. By discovering new efficiencies, including insights into travel spending and opportunities for negotiated rate agreements, Bravoo helps drive additional savings for our clients year after year.

Better Business Intelligence When You Need It

Bravoo brings your travel management reporting to a new level. Dynamic and interactive charts and graphs are populated with real-time travel data, allowing you to quickly highlight new travel cost-savings opportunities, and make impactful adjustments to your managed travel programs.

The Buying Power of Bravoo

Bravoo partnered with biggest travel solutions providers around the world. This combined purchasing power allows us to offer you access to low rates and offers that cannot be offered by any travel management provider in the world.

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